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The AGM of Friends of the Moor was held on Wednesday 14th March at the Town Council Offices where a new constitution was adopted. The new constitution is a simplified and updated set of rules for the operation of the group with one major change – the addition of the Barncroft to the Friends’ remit.

The new constitution sets out four key aims:

  1. to work with Cheshire East Council (or its agents) as the owners of the Moor/Barncroft, to promote and encourage use of both spaces by the public as a place for recreation and leisure.
  2. to act as a voice for the Moor/Barncroft on any issue which may affect its enjoyability
  3. to promote the conservation and understanding of wildlife on the Moor/Barncroft
  4. to be the principal contact point in all communications between Cheshire East Council and users of the Moor/Barncroft.

Outgoing Chair, Debbie Jamison, provided a summary of the busy year of activity on the Moor which had included new drainage, new bins, a birdwatch, litter pick, new website and its 9th Green Flag.  With Debbie stepping back from Friends of the Moor after three years at the helm, the AGM elected Adam Keppel-Green as the new chairperson.

“I’d like to thank Debbie for all her work on Friends of the Moor and especially for her work over the past three years our Chair” Adam said.

“We are looking forward to beginning our expanded role as a voice for the Barncroft which we will be discussing at our next committee meeting.”

“Our committee is currently short four people and I would encourage anyone who is interested to join us at our next meeting to find out more about what we do.”

The committee next meets on Wednesday 11th April at 7pm in the Town Council offices.

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