In the summer of 2017 the Friends of the Moor undertook a survey to get ideas and a steer for its work on the Moor.

The survey was taken with display materials and the outdoor games to the Lions May Fair and the July Makers Market. 50 surveys were completed. This is seen as satisfactory to guide work on further progress but any major investment in a new permanent feature must be subject to further specific engagement and consultation.

The survey was structured to provide feedback on three levels of question.

  • Are the public supportive of the Friends group activity to date and the general condition of the Moor?
  • What is the level of support for the new project ideas that the Friends group have identified and can any preference or priority be justified?
  • Are there any maintenance or new project ideas that we have not considered?

You can view the full survey report and appendices here: 2017 Moor Ideas Survey


The following recommendations came from the survey:

R1 This requires follow up for new members. See Q9 contacts.

R1 This contact information provided requires follow up for new members.

R2 Consider relocating the Green Flagpole. Make more of promoting the Green Flag Award. Build on the annual flag raising event.

R3 Promote local café takeaways, maybe on noticeboard or via a Town Centre Map display.

R4 Continue to refuse commercial events and/ or alcohol on the Moor. AGM decision.

R5 Monitor via the police any incident reports involving dogs. PCSO reports request

R6 Go to groups that have members with disabilities and ask their opinions re the Moor.        (Disability access survey)

R6 Consider planting in any disability access survey.

R7 review paths as Scout hut is developed.

R8 Include some new planting in the masterplan. To include consideration of disability such as raised beds.

R6/8   Add Include sensory planting & herbs in the planting scheme ideas.

R9  Put a design brief together for an outdoor gym/ trim trail/ activity markers.

R10  Encourage pop up music, consider Makers market weekends, Knutsford Music weekend

R11  Promote the nearby Barncroft for small football goals & Small children’s cycle trail

R12  Summer skate & BMX event weekend with temporary ramps & display team.

R13  Request ANSA to provide recycle bins or make a statement as to why not.

R14  Request ANSA audit the gates

R15  Request ANSA make a public statement regarding drainage works and post notices before work starts.

R16  Consider an art feature in the masterplan Involve Emma from art on the Moor.

R17    Consider a permanent display location and put online. Note all written returns need to     be put online for quicker analysis.

R18  Teenagers must be targeted in any future engagement activity.

R19  Friends group to review with Ruth Morgan ANSA Parks Team November 2017.

R20  Survey report to be posted on website and Knutsford Guardian & social media.